Card 3

Card 3

Please refer the price list in the description below.

M.A. Export's exclusive product (Card 3)

*Minimun Quantity undefined kg

Code No




Code NoSizePrice in US $QuantityWeight of one beadNo of pieces in 1Kg
C-896 mm20Per Kg0.42 gram2381 pieces
C-906 mm20Per Kg0.37 gram2703 pieces
C-916 mm20Per Kg0.38 gram2632 pieces
C-926 mm20Per Kg0.36 gram2778 pieces
C-936 mm20Per Kg0.44 gram2273 pieces
C-946 mm20Per Kg0.39 gram2564 pieces
C-956 mm20Per Kg0.39 gram2564 pieces
C-966 mm20Per Kg0.36 gram2778 pieces
C-976 mm20Per Kg0.39 gram2564 pieces
C-986 mm20Per Kg0.4 gram2500 pieces
C-996 mm20Per Kg0.37 gram2703 pieces
C-1006 mm20Per Kg0.4 gram2500 pieces
C-1016 mm20Per Kg0.33 gram3030 pieces
C-1026 mm20Per Kg0.36 gram2778 pieces
C-1038 mm20Per Kg0.76 gram1316 pieces
C-1046 mm20Per Kg0.36 gram2778 pieces
C-1057 mm20Per Kg0.66 gram1515 pieces
C-1067 mm20Per Kg0.75 gram1333 pieces
C-1077 mm20Per Kg0.78 gram1282 pieces
C-1087 mm20Per Kg0.62 gram1613 pieces
C-1098 mm20Per Kg0.9 gram1111 pieces
C-1107 mm20Per Kg0.71 gram1408 pieces
C-1118 mm20Per Kg0.8 gram1250 pieces
C-1127 mm20Per Kg0.64 gram1563 pieces
C-1139 mm20Per Kg1.06 gram943 pieces
C-1148 mm20Per Kg1.14 gram877 pieces
C-1157 mm20Per Kg0.91 gram1099 pieces
C-1167 mm20Per Kg0.75 gram1333 pieces
C-1177 mm20Per Kg0.76 gram1316 pieces
C-1188 mm20Per Kg0.9 gram1111 pieces
C-1197 mm20Per Kg0.73 gram1370 pieces
C-1207 mm20Per Kg0.58 gram1724 pieces
C-1218 mm20Per Kg0.94 gram1064 pieces
C-1228 mm20Per Kg0.73 gram1370 pieces
C-1238 mm20Per Kg0.82 gram1220 pieces
C-1248 mm20Per Kg0.96 gram1042 pieces
C-1258 mm20Per Kg0.88 gram1136 pieces
C-1268 mm20Per Kg0.92 gram1087 pieces
C-1278 mm20Per Kg0.96 gram1042 pieces
C-1288 mm20Per Kg0.96 gram1042 pieces
C-1298 mm20Per Kg0.86 gram1163 pieces
C-1308 mm20Per Kg0.89 gram1124 pieces
C-1318 mm20Per Kg1.04 gram962 pieces
C-1328 mm20Per Kg0.98 gram1020 pieces
C-1338 mm20Per Kg1.04 gram962 pieces
C-1348 mm20Per Kg1.07 gram935 pieces
C-1357 mm20Per Kg0.82 gram1220 pieces
C-1368 mm20Per Kg0.92 gram1087 pieces
C-1378 mm20Per Kg1.02 gram980 pieces
C-1388 mm20Per Kg0.97 gram1031 pieces
C-1398 mm20Per Kg1.03 gram971 pieces
C-1409 mm20Per Kg1.41 gram709 pieces
C-1419 mm20Per Kg1.37 gram730 pieces
C-1429 mm20Per Kg1.56 gram641 pieces
C-14310 mm20Per Kg1.55 gram645 pieces
C-1449 mm20Per Kg1.32 gram758 pieces