Card 52

Card 52

Please refer the price list in the description below.

M.A. Export's exclusive product (Card 52)

Code No




Code NoSizePrice in US $QuantityWeight of one beadNo of pieces in 1Kg
P-57352 x 24 x 5 mm1.1Per Piece7.76 gram129 pieces
P-57452 x 24 x 5 mm1.1Per Piece8.36 gram120 pieces
P-57552 x 24 x 5 mm1.1Per Piece8.26 gram121 pieces
P-57650 x 24 x 4 mm1.1Per Piece5.36 gram187 pieces
P-57753 x 28 x 6 mm1.1Per Piece11.52 gram87 pieces
P-57836 x 26 x 6 mm1.24Per Piece10.71 gram93 pieces
P-57936 x 24 x 8 mm1.24Per Piece11.42 gram88 pieces
P-58033 x 31 x 11 mm1.24Per Piece11.69 gram86 pieces
P-58125 x 31 x 9 mm1.56Per Piece10.86 gram92 pieces
P-58226 x 27 x 8 mm1.56Per Piece8.57 gram117 pieces
P-58327 x 27 x 11 mm0.77Per Piece10.2 gram98 pieces
P-58423 x 22 x 10 mm0.63Per Piece7.05 gram142 pieces
P-58520 x 19 x 8 mm0.63Per Piece3.89 gram257 pieces
P-58615 x 14 x 6 mm0.47Per Piece1.75 gram571 pieces
P-58711 x 10 x 5 mm0.47Per Piece0.7 gram1429 pieces
P-58830 mm x 16 mm0.7Per Piece6.29 gram159 pieces
P-58920 x 18 x 17 mm0.7Per Piece8.21 gram122 pieces
P-59016 mm x 16 mm0.7Per Piece5.8 gram172 pieces
P-59127 mm x 15 mm0.47Per Piece5.33 gram188 pieces
P-59224 mm x 12 mm0.47Per Piece3.42 gram292 pieces