We are manufacturers and exporters of all types of Glass and Stone Related Handicrafts that includes Glass Beads, Glass Rings, Glass Pendants, Fashion Jewelry, Semi-Precious Jewelry, Glass Smoking Pipes, Glass Water Pipes and other Glass Smoking Accessories. We also specialize in all sorts of Stoneware handicrafts that includes special items like Stone Fireplace, Stone Marble Table Top and other specially designed stone crafts.

The materials used in manufacturing of such handicrafts are of high quality which differentiate us from others.

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What We Do

Provide high & excellent quality products at the lowest Prices possible and to provide complete satisfaction to all our customers.
We believe in providing delivery in a timely manner including good packing of all the products, so that the goods reach the customer safely.
We have a specialized shipping method to deliver the goods at your doorstep.
We have our items for you in just about every size, shape, and design. Whether you need something small and portable or a big monster, we have got you covered.
We can also develop your sample too as per your special needs and requirements. It can be of any shape, size and colour.