Card 4

Card 4

Please refer the price list in the description below.

M.A. Export's exclusive product (Card 4)

Code No




Code NoSizePrice in US $QuantityWeight of one beadNo of pieces in 1Kg
C-1457 mm20Per Kg0.66 gram1515 pieces
C-1466 mm20Per Kg0.47 gram2128 pieces
C-1478 mm20Per Kg0.7 gram1429 pieces
C-1488 mm20Per Kg0.74 gram1351 pieces
C-1498 mm20Per Kg0.78 gram1282 pieces
C-1507 mm20Per Kg0.73 gram1370 pieces
C-1516 mm20Per Kg0.4 gram2500 pieces
C-1527 mm20Per Kg0.87 gram1149 pieces
C-1537 mm20Per Kg0.75 gram1333 pieces
C-1548 mm20Per Kg1.02 gram980 pieces
C-1557 mm20Per Kg0.78 gram1282 pieces
C-1568 mm20Per Kg0.85 gram1176 pieces
C-1578 mm20Per Kg0.76 gram1316 pieces
C-1588 mm20Per Kg0.92 gram1087 pieces
C-1597 mm20Per Kg0.88 gram1136 pieces
C-1609 mm20Per Kg1.19 gram840 pieces
C-16110 mm20Per Kg1.72 gram581 pieces
C-1629 mm20Per Kg1.17 gram855 pieces
C-1636 mm20Per Kg0.47 gram2128 pieces
C-1648 mm20Per Kg0.97 gram1031 pieces
C-1658 mm20Per Kg0.78 gram1282 pieces
C-1668 mm20Per Kg0.86 gram1163 pieces
C-1677 mm20Per Kg0.81 gram1235 pieces
C-1689 mm20Per Kg1.32 gram758 pieces
C-1698 mm20Per Kg0.77 gram1299 pieces
C-1708 mm20Per Kg0.75 gram1333 pieces
C-17110 mm20Per Kg1.4 gram714 pieces
C-1729 mm20Per Kg1.3 gram769 pieces
C-1739 mm20Per Kg1.33 gram752 pieces
C-17411 mm20Per Kg2.28 gram439 pieces
C-1758 mm20Per Kg0.82 gram1220 pieces
C-1768 mm20Per Kg0.96 gram1042 pieces
C-1778 mm20Per Kg1.24 gram806 pieces
C-17810 mm20Per Kg1.87 gram535 pieces
C-17910 mm20Per Kg1.67 gram599 pieces
C-18010 mm20Per Kg1.72 gram581 pieces