Card 48

Card 48

Please refer the price list in the description below.

M.A. Export's exclusive product (Card 48)

Code No




Code NoSizePrice in US $QuantityWeight of one beadNo of pieces in 1Kg
P-51366 x 34 x 4 mm1.1Per Piece12.82 gram78 pieces
P-51466 x 30 x 4 mm1.1Per Piece14.46 gram69 pieces
P-51566 x 33 x 4 mm1.1Per Piece11.49 gram87 pieces
P-51664 x 31 x 6 mm1.1Per Piece14 gram71 pieces
P-51760 x 34 x 8 mm1.1Per Piece18 gram56 pieces
P-51847 x 30 x 6 mm1.1Per Piece12.37 gram81 pieces
P-51943 x 28 x 9 mm1.1Per Piece16.27 gram61 pieces
P-52043 x 28 x 6 mm1.1Per Piece11.27 gram89 pieces
P-52150 x 32 x 7 mm1.1Per Piece14.35 gram70 pieces
P-52240 x 24 x 6 mm1.1Per Piece8.75 gram114 pieces
P-52366 x 29 x 6 mm1.1Per Piece12.45 gram80 pieces
P-52455 x 25 x 6 mm1.1Per Piece10 gram100 pieces
P-52544 x 22 x 6 mm1.1Per Piece8.4 gram119 pieces
P-52644 x 22 x 6 mm1.1Per Piece8.08 gram124 pieces
P-52744 x 21 x 6 mm1.1Per Piece6.6 gram152 pieces