Card 63

Card 63

Please refer the price list in the description below.

M.A. Export's exclusive product (Card 63)

Code No




Code NoSizePrice in US $QuantityWeight of one beadNo of pieces in 1Kg
P-70337 mm X 10 mm2.8Per Piece18.48 gram54 pieces
P-70429 mm X 11 mm1.87Per Piece14.81 gram68 pieces
P-70529 mm X 11 mm1.87Per Piece16.89 gram59 pieces
P-70629 mm X 11 mm1.87Per Piece13.42 gram75 pieces
P-70729 mm X 13 mm1.87Per Piece14.89 gram67 pieces
P-70827 mm X 14 mm1.87Per Piece9.91 gram101 pieces
P-70927 mm X 14 mm3.43Per Piece14.62 gram68 pieces
P-71027 mm X 14 mm4.04Per Piece12 gram83 pieces
P-71125 mm X 12 mm4.04Per Piece10.27 gram97 pieces
P-71223 X 23 X 6 mm1.56Per Piece6.62 gram151 pieces
P-71330 X 33 X 10 mm2.33Per Piece12.69 gram79 pieces
P-71441 X 24 X 9 mm1.87Per Piece12.81 gram78 pieces