Card 76

Card 76

Please refer the price list in the description below.

M.A. Export's exclusive product (Card 76)

Code No




Code NoSizePrice in US $QuantityWeight of one beadNo of pieces in 1Kg
P-83650 mm X 16 mm1.56Per Piece15.22 gram66 pieces
P-83745 mm X 16 mm1.56Per Piece13.54 gram74 pieces
P-83845 mm X 16 mm1.56Per Piece12.45 gram80 pieces
P-83945 mm X 16 mm1.56Per Piece11.39 gram88 pieces
P-84045 mm X 15 mm1.56Per Piece14.56 gram69 pieces
P-84143 X 14 X 14 mm1.56Per Piece12.29 gram81 pieces
P-84243 X 14 X 14 mm1.56Per Piece15.48 gram65 pieces
P-84343 X 14 X 14 mm1.56Per Piece15.18 gram66 pieces
P-84435 X 16 X 10 mm1.56Per Piece10.18 gram98 pieces
P-84542 X 20 X 7 mm1.56Per Piece9.16 gram109 pieces
P-84642 X 20 X 7 mm1.56Per Piece8.61 gram116 pieces
P-84742 X 20 X 7 mm1.56Per Piece8.37 gram119 pieces